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 Optimum Funding was founded on honesty, integrity, and a commitment to place Y.O.U. above all structured settlement

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Has your Personal Injury claim been delayed by the long processes of the court system and your bills can't wait any longer?

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Hello and thank you for visiting our website. I’m Christy Nuriu, the owner of Optimum Funding Solutions, LLC. I’d like to share with you a little bit about the How - Why - Where of our beginnings.

I was born in Florida with 3 sisters and 3 brothers and am a proud mother, daughter, and friend.

My journey in the structured settlement industry first began when I was a junior in high school while working as a research agent with an incredible team and family. 

With a commitment to help defend a country I believed in, I made the decision to join the United States Marine Corps when I graduated high school. Throughout my enlistment I was blessed with the opportunity to travel the world, pursue my business degree and create lifelong friendships.

Now with over 10 years of experience in the structured settlement industry, an elite team of account executives, and a commitment to serving you, Optimum Funding Solutions is a company you can trust when accessing your long term payments is the best financial option for you today.

I’d like to personally thank you for choosing or considering to do business with OFS. In closing I would just like to say: Don’t ever give up on your dreams and always enjoy journey the along the way!


Christy Nuriu



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